Performance History

Our Focus
And How We Got Here

A Letter from the Director,

When I was fourteen I was forced to look at my life a lot differently. 

I had to start taking care of my mother after she became disabled. My first job, the very next summer, was farming tobacco, coincidentally, because that was the only place that would hire a fourteen year old. Since I was fifteen I have had control of her medical records, power of attorney over her, two jobs, and I have never filed an income tax return without her as my dependent. 

Needless to say, I know what it is like, having to provide for someone else. I grew up in that sacrifice. It forged me into a very particular perspective on the issues and how to cope. During these days, I was up against whole cities full of racist-drug-running cops and bigot judges threatening me. I've been shot at, stabbed, and beaten up at gunpoint... but I also lived a very fortunate middle class upbringing in early childhood. From my greatest struggles I founded this organization to educate the most fundamental unit of political industry structure (aside from voters); that is the Organizer. The truest hero.. the executant of all things political.

I started my organizing history in St. Louis but I started with food-banks. This was 2010. Food banks fall under what industry professionals call Community Organizing. This is typically regarded, in the industry, as a lot different than Political Candidates. However, I have come to find these differences are artificial and my curriculum reflects a meld of the two. 

What is necessary to get the job done can be found in industry cultures. In a respective field and its attached culture, the mechanisms and tools involved are the same across the board and a Specialist knows when and where to apply the mechanisms and use the tools.

I found very quickly that non-profits and government organizations fell short in helping people. Only by taking jobs in the industry as a vocational training step, on my own part, I was able to find that it's not the faceless non-profit's fault. The industry is flawed from the ground up but someone has to stand up. We all have to stand up to this "industry." 

However, it's hard to realize that if you're not in the industry. Because what all industries have to protect the sanctity of the trade and it's tradespeople are not represented in "the political industry."

1.) Occupational Trade Schools - Sassafras and Maple is the Nation's First of these. Occupational Trade Schools are built to mold the greatest professionals and certify them so the public will know the difference from someone who calls themselves an organizer and someone who is certified to perform the job as an executant.
2.) Occupational Review Boards - A place to revoke certifications given by trade schools and deal with disciplinary actions independent of law and government. Also, occupational review boards can give added rewards and certifications to those who perform well, deserve recognition, and serve years of service. They also reference "Board certified training programs" that offer greater skills training and certification in special qualities.
3.) Third-Party Accrediting Agencies - An organization, independent of a school, made up of seasoned industry professionals that grant accreditation to schools. They accredit the schools curriculum. This is always specialized, relating to performance in a trade. This is an added layer of security in ensuring that what is taught meets the greatest standard of vigor.
4.) Organizer's Unions - ... um.. its kind of embarrassing and ironic that organizers organize for unions and union supportive politicians but lack this protection themselves... "The political industry" is not a very well behaved "industry" and never will it be... until we implement these organizations that, overall, protect the labor in any industry. When labor is supported, an industry thrives.

Then where are we gonna go with this? All the way.

... other than Communities and Political Candidates; there's what's in between. In between their are Causes, like "amendments," "human rights ordinances," and "ballot initiatives." Then; Movements are next. These are like "Tea Party," and "Progressivism." These all play on the same social variables of human behavior in marketing and persuasion. It is part of our focus to unify these forms of organizing and train Specialists under just the title: Organizer. This will bring greater proficiency to the outcomes of Causes and Movements because whether it's community, political, causes, or movements; the organizer's trade is the same.

This is, even still, too simple. It is our main focus to bring humanity back to the Cause of Organizing, itself. Our techniques involve two main points and one overall strategy.

Main Points
1.) Interpreting needs in communities and their members (authentically based on the community)
2.) Reciprocating vulnerability to them once they show you their weaknesses (this is about offering something of value)

Purpose and Overall Strategy
1.) Stone Soup Sunday (not doors and call contact)

Without these components in your view of those in a community you are organizing you will NEVER build a great community and organize relationships. These concepts are part of my thesis on Interdependent Relationship Building and Restorative Justice in Community Organizing.

I'm Imran, and I'm changing politics in a way that, maybe, you've never thought of before. I've felt alone in this for some many years. Will you please help? Will you join me in constructing a more accountable political industry?

- Imran
Founder/Owner SMRF
Sassafras and Maple Research Foundation
Political Education and Research
Leslie Herod  Versus  Arron Goldhammer

Colorado House District 8

Position held: Field Organizer

Win: Yes
From Right to Left: Leslie Herod, Imran Cooper, Carolyn Riggs

This is Representative Leslie Herod. She is currently the representative for Colorado State House District 8 in north Denver. 
I was hired to be her Field Organizer. Truly, I was given the opportunity to implement a lot of what I teach...

This curriculum was conceived almost 13 years ago...

Over the past years a lot of folks have become involved to help expand this idea.
This is why it is time for SMRF to build a school.
A school for Activist.
To help us with our Trials.

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In August I (Imran) was hired by the Committee to Elect Barbara McLachlan through The House Majority Project. This was my first job on the rural scene. We won in an EXTREMELY Republican district DOMINATED by big oil and Koch brothers funding in the second most contested race in the state. 

We won by 595 votes! This type of win is all on the staff. The Organizers. We never stopped! We never surrendered! And when we woke up one morning late in the campaign and just couldn't take it anymore we did. We were capable of realizing how little we mattered in the big picture and we took it some more. 

J Paul Brown, our opponent, denies climate change, is Koch brothers funded, Big Oil supported, was a Tea-Party Republican incumbent, disowned his gay son, and organized local laws in his own selfish self-interest pertaining his sheep ranching business grazing on public lands. Because of that last one, he stole from 

Barbara McLachlan Versus J. Paul Brown

Colorado House District 59

Position held: Field Organizer

Win: Yes

After the 2016 primaries we won the race between Leslie Herod and Aaron Goldhammer by a 21% margin. That's a healthy margin. This shows that the team did well, but also, that the district very much believes in Leslie. My next race was a little more dramatic...

taxpayers. He is a thief and beyond campaign slander it is true. He was unfit for office and I hope and pray he tries to challenge Barb again in 2018. Bring it J Paul! We will beat you.

 Again, that wasn't just a "win." This is what movies are made of... 595 votes was gut wrenching. Oh, and Barbara was a public school teacher, is a world class woman, mother, and represents, wholeheartedly, a view of teacher's funding that is missed by those in the capitol who have never been public school teachers. She will make a fine legislature and will defend public schools.

For me though, it wasn't just a win, it was an awakening... I am living proof of a miracle.

Since 2012...

Since the year the whole world was supposed to fall apart I, Imran Cooper, jumped in the political ring and have been using only a five point plan I call my "Epsilon Compass." This was initially just a way for me to stay focused. If an action/event/person/something in organizing didn't fit within my compass; they were not allowed any bit of my attention. 

When I began consulting with others around the nation I formulated "Imran's Pentagons" and other graphics you may see to help them with their troubles. It was evident I had a gift. However, these people began helping me in profound ways. They allowed me understand my self better and we began working on a toolkit for activism together

Between myself and the others on our team we now have over a century of experience in education, political organizing, high level banking and finance, non-profit consulting, and even the history behind it all.

Please help us fund this Cause to educate thousands of Organizers

It's all hands on deck. We need everyone willing.                                                              Click here and Contribute Now
OR... scroll to the bottom of the page to find Imran's contact info. If you have another way of helping we're here to hear it.

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