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Our Mission…
  • To create and maintain a progressive coordinated effort independent of party or ideology
  • To advance specialized education of a trade that is not well known nor well perfected
  • To grow a single entity capable of being a vehicle for change in the industry of politics as a whole
  • To work with others in the industry to homogenize a standard of conduct for Organizers, Managers, and Politicians
  • To create a greater understanding of politics within the general public
  • Use SMRF Members to aid in electing into office:
    • One Woman (completed June 28/16 - Leslie Herod - Community Activist BLM_LGBTQIA+) (completed a second time November 8/16 - Barbara McLachlan - Former Public School Teacher)
    • One Felon
    • One De-housed Person
  • To advance community businesses from the surrounding network available to SMRF, then beyond.

Our Vision… 
  • To one day evolve the goals in the SMRF Mission Statement to motivate this organization to achieve greater potential in SMRF’s effectiveness as an agent of positive political and social change
  • To create a well defined structure for the future of the industry of politics to operate under greater professional standard and apply pressure on the government to behave as a democracy
  • To build interdependent international relationships that understand the potential SMRF has to change the nature of American politics and, thus, influence the Western Culture that manifests itself in other countries as a product of American self-serving political intent
  • To advance our National Strategy for developing, across the nation, an infrastructure of occupational schools and boards dedicated to the cause of homogenizing trade standards, procedures, operations, curriculum, engagement and so forth in the political industry
    • Third Party Accrediting Agencies - create the standard
      • In most professional industries these define a curriculum standard and sanction multiple schools to teach an accredited curriculum. We call this a “homogenization of curriculum and industry standards.”
    • Occupational Trade Schools - teach the standard
      • Trade schools teach industry standards to professionalize individuals to think critically about a profession. They do this by on-the-job training that allows students to see the dynamic world they will face when in the job. Then students are certified as a skilled member of the industry workforce.
    • Occupational Review Boards - enforce the standard
      • Occupational review boards are historically like “guilds.” They are made up of professional EXPERIENCED tradespeople who handle internal order of industry standard enforcement. When infractions are reported on a certified member of an industry, occupational review boards come in to enforce rules and maybe revoke certifications. They can also give added rewards and certifications for accomplishments and seasons served in the industry
    • Organizer’s Union - keep the standard
      • Liberal and conservative organizers organize behind candidates and ideologies that support unions for a plethora of reasons. Yet, political organizers are not protected in the same ways. The irony in that is absurd. This causes members who learn the job to drop out after a campaign or two. They are worked like mules, paid nothing, and barely thanked. Unions keep professionals in the profession and add a layer of protection for them to feel secure about their future. The nature of this keeps a standard by keeping a high amount of varied professionalism in the industry through the proper treatment of executants.
  • At Sassafras and Maple Research Foundation we know that all of these exist in billion dollar industries and trades like dentistry and auto-mechanic. If our government won't listen to us and lobbyists think they can treat our government like a profit industry then we will fight them on that plane... on that level.... 
This is what that looks like
Sassafras and Maple Research Foundation

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Imran Cooper - Operations - Program Coordination
Lead Instructor - Founder

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