The only difference between radical and revolutionary is filing the paperwork.
Strategy for Dealing with the Establishment... What does it mean to create and sustain a Rebel Alliance?

The end result is simple; render the current system obsolete by creating a new more efficient one. We want to deal with the problems in a conclusive manner. But we have to declare what we want. If we come up with ideas and settle at the end of the day for "we tried hard and did our best" then we aren't actually standing up for ourselves. We are nobody's victim and we must want to create a system for ourselves that attacks the overreaching systemic issues instead of just getting a person elected.... conclusive manner...

Percent Success

In space exploration, we measure every mission by percent successIf we complete your primary goal, however, it may only be measured as 30% of the core mission objectives. So, in politics, if we only elect Bernie Sanders into office ( or any single politician anywhere ), or even focus on just one issue, we aren't completing the total mission. We need a complete focus and a long lasting strategy. SMRF has developed this over the last twelve years. After studying every necessary sub-mission we've realized the broadest and most complete scope on what and how to do 100%.

Ultimately, the school is our way of developing the necessary support system to sustain our opposition to the established institutions over a long span of time; over multiple "Bernie Sanders."

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