Operation Skyhook

SMRF instructors will come teach at your high school! 

Yup, civics and social studies teachers have no fear! We do education seminars in high schools complete with breakout workshops focused on legislation, organizing and running for office, being a politician, outreaching in the community, and even in community business relations. Our program is called "Operation Skyhook"
It's okay, we already got a record at it!

It's okay because we spent a lot of time formulating the legality around our institution. We are not in any way, shape, or form a politically endorsing agent or politically biased organization. After taking in basic information, students self guide their experience through our workshops in such a way that allows them to choose what matters most to them. Your corporate administrators have no legal argument with which to discard us. It's up to their discretion.

Self-guided civics education is Sassafras and Maple's revolution.

Resources For High School
Students, Teachers, and Administrators

Please fill out this form if you are from a high school and are looking for:

  • SMRF Field Fellowship Program - Return of the Organizer
  • SMRF HS Seminar: Operation Skyhook - How to relate legislation/organizing/political office to youth
  • SMRF Trade Curriculum - Trails of Activism
  • Curriculum Integration
  • Or even just to ask questions
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