The Only Difference Between Faith and Fanaticism is. . . .         Doubt.

We are the nation's first Occupational Trade School for political organizing and engagement. 

At SMRF, 13 years has been spent developing research that will provide a solution to social change questions that many are asking. This research has provided a curriculum for teaching rural and city political/community/cause/movement organizing among developing other useful tools for executing the job of activism in cultural issues involving Western Society. 
This is characterized by interpersonal relationship building in community organizing.

But let's back up a sec and state a straight up fact. . .

All major industries operate with four basic guiding bodies. These are:

 1.) Occupational Trade Schools
2.) Occupational Review Boards
3.) Third-Party Accrediting Agencies
4.) Unions

Why do we say things like "political industry" and "career politician?" Politics is no "well-behaved" industry.
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Our school teaches you how to... 
  • (Start) and sustain small businesses to assist in community political survival.
  • (Research )Liberal and Conservative ideologies - We are a-political.
  • (Educate)  people on the basics of political engagement and civil disobedience.
  • (Manage) both rural and city campaigns.
  • (Build) progressive communities from scratch and strengthen existing ones.
  • (Win) political races at every level of government.
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Sassafras and Maple teaches you or your organization the techniques to find political information and use it as a tool to build a campaign based on ideals that go beyond the typical DNC and GOP strategies. Tuition is affordable due to our innovative approach of community funded student housing instead of dorms and a singular building. We are (Half the cost of) traditional colleges, universities, and vocational schools. The best part is, we get you a job in the industry upon admission and during your education.
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