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Key points about our training

  1. We have targeted the systemic problems activists across the nation face in accomplishing goals and have developed an intensive program specifically to teach ways to get around these actual social problems.
  2. In Sassafras Training we focus on experiential or vocational methods that give you the hands on experience you need to develop your talents to succeed and earn a higher wage upon entering the industry.

In any vocational training program you learn a lot, and really fast. We are like any other occupational CTE institute. We introduce you to hands on, project based, methods for learning how to become an Organizer. Sassafras Training focuses you to better understand the roles of the following campaign positions:

1.) Campaign Manager (CM)
    • Campaign managers are responsible for the office. They manage the volunteer schedule, hold meetings, political base building, report campaign donations and expenditures, and hire/manage staff. CMs work closely with the candidate as primary fundraiser and universe builder. Works with RFD for event building and alternative universe building.

2.) Communications Manager (COM)

    • Communications Directors are responsible for image and messaging. COMs track news oriented around the candidate their race, and their opponent/s daily! They build letters to the editors of news outlets and press releases, as well. They learn to outreach to radio and television as well as social media. Communications managers usually stay in the office with the CM but can sometimes be cross-trained in field. COMs report to the CM.

3.) Regional Field Directors (RFD)

    • Regional field directors are responsible for managing large portions of field operations. They handle field campaigns for multiple cities, counties, and even states. These responsibilities include; volunteer outreach and field schedules, alternative messaging, daily universe construction, event building, and management of Field Organizers. RFDs report to the campaign manager.

4.) Field Organizer (FO)

    • Field organizers manage groups of volunteers through three basic tasks; phonebanking, canvassing, and data entry. FO is the lowest unit of the campaign but is, more effectively and appropriately, the ambassador from a campaign as a representative directly to any individual volunteer. This is, therefore, a vital and important part of the campaign. FOs report to the RFD.
After developing your skills in these job positions you will hone them. At over 500 hours of certified training, you will begin specializing yourself in the area you are most comfortable in. Our academic counselors are here to advise but you will ultimately choose your path.

Our programs require residency and your nutrition is included. 

Our goal is to also detox you from American society and culture!
... especially high sugars.

You will learn to lead community action programs where you will live.. finding leadership roles in the communities you are immersed in everyday.

It is what you make it!

We have a continuous community action method and the idea is that we can influence surrounding economies and political structures with a tuned intention the nation has never seen before. This means we can constantly and consistently provide vocational exposure to students. 

With Everbean Hummus ( students lead our professional business structures in food management which students can leverage to impact surrounding communities and their local businesses through health, education, and nutrition. 

We modeled a coordinated political organizing effort attached to an operational political firm in our program as well. This ensures that we are always on the start of the election wave to gain students vocational exposure in politics during election season. Students will gain exposure to businesses as well as a varying degree of non-profits from registered c3 organizations to c4, c5, and c6 IRS designations.

We have a lot going on at all times. It is what you make it.

"This revolution is too casual.

When I first heard about Bernie Sanders years ago I knew he was something. When I heard he had flipped parties to take on the establishment I knew he was making a tactical decision. 

I felt someone was finally looking at a bold strategy. However, for me at least, the excitement wore off because there wasn't enough of the right type of participation. 

Everything seemed to actually fit with the status quo. Not enough classic civil disobedience and the paper work in the system we need to change to back it up. The campaign did not educate us on this for whatever reason.

He called for us to be bold and, I mean, how many phonebanks and canvasses will it take to re-correct global atmospheric temperature and pressure? 

Perspective in this revolution is lost. It seemed like Bernie Sanders, himself, was the only daring and strategic part of Bernie 2016 who, as a friend of mine put it, continued to run things like 'Obama 2.0'."


"We must be humble and accept our short comings in order to accept the journey to learn."

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